Tissue Paper Butterflies Craft

Tissue Paper Butterflies

Tissue paper butterflies are age friendly because even older children enjoy designing their own butterflies. I have seen some teens create detailed wings using tissue paper in a variety of colors and their tissue paper butterfly wings appear similar to stain glass windows. I have included a pattern to use to get started or you can draw your own butterfly to create unique tissue paper butterflies.

Tissue Paper Butterflies

Butterfly Supply List

Construction paper
Tissue paper
Pipe cleaners (plain or bumpy chenille)
Glue stick or liquid glue
Sting to hang them from objects (optional)
Pattern for butterfly (I’ve included one on this page)

Draw butterfly pattern on construction paper. Take an extra sheet of construction paper and fold it under the piece you’ve drawn your pattern on to. When you cut then you’ll have two identical butterflies. You’ll need one for the top and one for the bottom.
Tissue Paper Butterflies
Take one piece of tissue paper and cut out from butterfly pattern. Trim it so it will be smaller than the construction paper you are going to lay it on. Put glue on one side of the construction paper and lay tissue paper pattern on top. Now take the second piece of construction paper and apply glue and lay it on top of the tissue paper.
Tissue Paper Butterflies

Take a piece of pipe cleaner and cut it to the right length for you body. I like using the bumpy chenille pipe cleaners for the body as I think they give the tissue paper butterflies more personality.
Tissue Paper Butterflies
Glue it in the center of the wings for the butterfly body to complete the butterfly.
Here is a picture of a butterfly made from the pattern I’ve included on this page.
Tissue Paper Butterflies
No need to stop at making just one butterfly! These butterflies make cute book marks, refrigerator magnets or great accents for the window by taping them to the glass and letting the sun highlight the tissue paper colors.
Tissue Paper Butterflies template
You can download the template here:

[embeddoc url=”https://ruralmom.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Tissue-Paper-Butterflies-Template.pdf” download=”all”]

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