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There’s a new milestone to celebrate! Second Season Travel has merged with Rural Mom!

You’ll find all the same great travel and midlife-focused articles along with farm fresh home and garden content to enjoy…

We believe, like every season, the Second Season of life is to be celebrated.  We’re taking the road less traveled and hope you will join us along the trail!

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Second Season Travel

BARB WEBB, Owner/Editor

Barb Webb is a sustainable living expert nesting in Appalachian Kentucky. When she’s not chasing chickens around the farm or engaging in mock Jedi battles, she’s following the road less traveled, writing about country living and artisan culture.

She believes coffee should be a food group, every day should be a celebration and farm to table is not a fad, it’s simply our way of life.

An award-winning author, with a diverse publishing background ranging from curriculum design to social media, Barb is also the Owner/Editor of the popular blog a columnist for SheSavvy, blog partner with, Taste of Home blogger and a Better Homes and Gardens Pinterest Pro.

Travel specialties are: Agritourism and Second Season of Life (over 50) Adventures.

Second Season Travel

GRACE HODGIN, Senior Columnist

Grace Hodgin is an international clay sculptor, multi-medium artist and and vegan recipe developer creating scrumptious meals in a two room cottage at the edge of the Ocala National Forest.

She believes creativity is a lifestyle not a craft project and each day is an opportunity to inspire and teach creativity to all she meets.

Well known in the community for her imagination and creativity, Grace uses her skill as an art instructor, public speaker and free lancer to inspire those around her that everyone has the gift of creativity and can be successful in creating a life filled with beauty and joy.

Travel specialties are: Florida Travel, Historical Research and Back-road Travel Adventures.

Second Season Travel

JAMIE WEBB, Columnist 

Jamie Webb is an aviation expert, outdoor enthusiast and avid boater.  An adventurous foodie, he has yet to find a dish he isn’t willing to give a try.  From cricket cookies to gator bites and squid ink pasta, he’s ready to dig in a share the experience!

When Jamie’s not planting or working in his shop, you’ll find him zipping around the mountains on his ATV. He’s also fond of enjoying a game of billiards with his sons, or reeling in fish from the local lake.

Travel specialties are:  Adventure Travel and Off-road Trails

Second Season Travel

ROHN HODGIN, Columnist

Rohn Hodgin is a security consultant , master potter and author. As an avid herbalist he is always ready to share his knowledge of their uses.

When Rohn is not writing or giving thumbs up to Grace’s vegan dishes you’ll find him in his green house, creating pottery or creating new aquaponic techniques at his pond.

Travel specialties are: Tips and Techniques for Travel Security and Plant Species in the locale he visits.


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