Quick and Easy Valentine’s Day Heart Magnet Crafts

Though we’ve slowed down our pace after the winter holiday rush, let’s face it, life is still busy! Often, I find myself with very little time to craft, which is why I love the simplicity of these Valentine’s Day heart magnet crafts.

Amazing how quick and easy they are to create. With just a few simple steps and the right craft tools anyone can make these charming gifts.

Generally, for all my craft needs, I turn to Oriental Trading. I’m an Oriental Trading partner and part of the #OTCCupidSquad this year. This inspired me to get creative and figure out fun and easy Valentine’s Day heart magnet crafts to enjoy and gift to my loved ones.

If you are looking for an impressive, yet quick and easy Valentine’s Day gift, I hope you find inspiration here!

Quick and Easy Valentine's Day Heart Magnet Crafts

Valentine’s Day Conversation Heart Magnets

Materials Needed:

Mini unfinished wood heart-shaped magnets
Acrylic paints (in various colors)
Sticker alphabet sheets

Quick and Easy Valentine's Day Conversation Hearts Magnet Craft

Decide what colors to paint your conversation heart magnets. I chose to go with pastel colors to mimic the candy. Paint top of wooden heart with 1 to 2 coats. Allow to dry fully.

Use alphabet stickers to spell our your conversation heart saying. You can simply put “XOXO” on each or have a variety of sayings like “in love,” “bite me,” and “too cute”. Have fun with your expressions. Make them as loving or snarky as you see fit!

Glue magnet to the back of each Valentine’s Day Conversation Heart Magnet and viola – you have an adorable gift!

Quick and Easy Valentine's Day Conversation Hearts Magnet Craft

Red Rose Valentine’s Day Heart Magnets

Materials Needed:

Large Unfinished wood heart-shaped magnets
Acrylic paint (Red or Pink)
Foam rosettes (Red or Pink)

Quick and Easy Valentine's Day Rose Hearts Magnet Craft

Paint front of heart magnet red or pink (depending upon which color rosette you are using). Use 1 to 2 coasts to cover completely. Allow to dry fully.

Glue each foam rosette to the front of the heart magnet. I started by gluing the outside frame first and then added in the center rosettes. Allow to dry fully.

That’s it! When the glue dries you will have a truly lovely magnet to gift.

Quick and Easy Valentine's Day Rose Hearts Magnet Craft

If you’d rather make the magnet into a wall hanging, simply glue on a ribbon hanger to the back.

You can also glue a photo onto the wooden heart and use the rosettes only along the outside rim, to form a picture frame effect. There are plenty of lovely possibilities with this craft.

Note: You don’t have to paint the magnet surface, but it does help visually fill in any gaps you may have in the rosette placement, making a more “finished” professional look.

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