Fun Math Games for Halloween

For parents and educators, holidays are a great time to introduce kids to themed games that encourage learning.  Adding fun math games for Halloween into your curriculum or your daily family time encourages kids to see learning as a celebration.

Use these 3 fun math games for Halloween in your classroom or at home.  They all use very simple tools you likely have on hand and help develop important math and reasoning skills.

Spider Legs, Lucky 13, and Halloween night math games all aid in students mastering basic mathematical operations. All of the games can be played in pairs, small groups, or as a class. Instead of putting learning on hold near a holiday, combine the curriculum with the holiday!

Fun Math Games for Halloween

We’ve added a download packet for your convenience to print off for school or home use, as well.  Just scroll down to print it.  Hope you enjoy all your Halloween festivities!

Spider Legs

Objective: Players create an 8-legged spider.


3 dice
Construction paper

How to Play:

Decide on who begins the game. Players may decide based on whose birthday is closest to Halloween or who was born closest to midnight. Create a few ways to decide who will start the game.

First players rolls 3 dice and must create a number sentence that equals 8. The player is able to use multiplication, addition, subtraction, and/or division to create the number sentence.

However, the player is only allowed to use the number once in the number sentence.


Dice: 3 4 6

Number sentence: 6×4=24/3=8

If the player is able to create a number sentence they are able to add a leg to their spider. If the player is unable to create a number sentence they lose their turn.

The opposing player may add a leg to their spider if they are able to create a number sentence equaling 8 for their opponent.

The first player to finish their give their spider eight legs wins the game.

Options for the Spider

1. Have players draw a spider head and body on a piece of paper. Players add the legs by drawing them one by one onto the spider body.

2. Players draw a spider head and body on construction paper. Players cut out the head and body and write their name on the back of the paper. Next player will draw and cut out 8 spider legs. Players will add the legs to the spider with tape.


Students use more than 3 dice to create a number sentence that equals 8.

Lucky 13

Objective: Have the highest score after 13 rounds.


2 dice

How to play

Determine who begins the game.   First player rolls the dice.  Player creates the biggest number from the two dice rolled.

For example: 

If a 1 and a 6 are rolled, the player would ideally choose the number 61.

Player writes their number on a sheet of paper.

Each player will record their numbers for 13 turns. After 13 turns, each player will add their numbers together.

The player with the highest number wins the game.


Players use more dice to represent largest numbers

Player must score the lowest number to win the game.  Or have players average the numbers and the player with the highest average wins.

Halloween Night

Objective: Closest number to 31


3 Dice for each player

How to play:

Each player is given 3 dice. Each player rolls their dice and must create a number sentence closest to a solution of 31, without going over.

Players are only allowed to use each die once but can use them in any order. Players are able to calculate a solution of 31 with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

For example: 

If the player rolls a 4, 5, and 1.  The equation might be 4×5=20+1=21

The player closest to a solution of 31 wins the round.

The player closest to 31 receives 1 point.  In the case of a tie, each player will receive 1 point each.

First player to score 10 points wins the game.


Have player use more than 3 dice to create a number sentence for a sum closest to 31.

Download Fun Math Games for Halloween

To make it easy for you to print off for classroom and home use or to share these fun games, we’ve created a packet for you to download:

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Hope you enjoy your Halloween math time fun!

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