Classic Halloween Party Game Ideas

Halloween parties are a great way to have a little spooky fun when celebrating the season for tricks and treats. To amp up the fun, try these Halloween party game ideas.

They’re all activities are that are easy to organize, will appeal to kids and adults of all ages, and will help make any Halloween celebration a hit!

Classic Halloween Party Game Ideas

Pin the Face on the Jack-o-Lantern

Pin the Face on the Jack-o-Lantern is a take on the classic game of pin the tail on the donkey. This is a great family game that can be played in teams or cooperatively.

Materials Required for Pin the Face on the Jack-o-lantern

  • sheet of orange poster board
  • black construction paper
  • blindfold
  • sticky tack and/or pushpins

How to Play Pin the Face on the Jack-o-lantern

To create the game, draw a large pumpkin on the orange poster board and place it on the wall using pushpins or sticky tack. Draw and cut out eyes and a mouth from the black construction paper, creating a one-piece face for a shorter game or a three-piece face for a longer game.

Blindfold the player and hand him one piece of the jack-o-lantern face with sticky tack on the back. Have the player stick the piece onto the pumpkin where he thinks it should be. If using three pieces for the face, repeat for the other two pieces. The winner of the game is the person that creates the most accurate placement for the jack-o-lantern face.

Variations on the Pin the Face on the Jack-o-lantern game:

Play the game in teams of three, with each person getting one piece of the face.

Play the game cooperatively with all people getting a piece of the face (create as many extras as necessary) to see what type of funny end results can be achieved.

Turn the player in a circle before setting them in the direction of the pumpkin. This will cause some disorientation and make the task a little more difficult.

Bobbing for Apples

Bobbing for apples is an old classic that is always a hit at Halloween Parties. With variations for easier and more difficult versions of the game, this makes for a fun family activity.

Materials Required for Bobbing for Apples:

  • large basin, bowl or bucket full of water
  • bag of apples
  • blindfold
  • stopwatch

How to Play Bobbing for Apples:

Fill the basin or bowl with water and empty in the bag of apples.  Blindfold the player and have her place her hands behind her back.

Start the clock and have the player attempt to catch an apple in her mouth, without using her hands or any other helpful tools. The winner of the game is the person who can catch an apple the fastest.

Variations on the Bobbing for Apples Game:

Set a timer and give each player a specific amount of time for each turn.

Remove the blindfold to make the game a little easier for all players.  OR, have adults play with a blindfold and children play without one.  Allow young children to use their hands as helpers.

Halloween Party Game Twist – Bobbing for Donuts!

If you really want to change things up or if you are worried about water ruining costume makeup, instead of bobbing for apples, bob for donuts!  Secure a string the donuts, then hang them from the ceiling.  Be sure to hang them at various heights so that game participants have to “bob” around to grab one in their mouths.

Instruct all players that they can only use their mouths to grab a donut. Hands must be behind their backs.

Optionally, if you are playing the game with teens or adults, blindfold each player and time how long it takes them to find and eat an entire donut.

More Halloween Party Game Ideas

Need more games?  Try these additional ideas to help create a fun Halloween party:

  • carving jack-o-lanterns – provide pumpkins, simple pumpkin carving tools, pumpkin stencils and a ‘get messy’ zone for a fun activity suitable for all ages.
  • painting jack-o-lanterns – a great alternative for children too young for pumpkin carving, or adults that get very creative with paints and brushes.
  • best costume contest – always a hit at any Halloween party, the best costume contest can be split into categories such as best child costume, best scary costume, best couples costume, best funny costume, etc.
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