The Art of Stuffing Christmas Stockings

Stuffing Christmas Stockings has been an art form of mine for over 40 years. I consider myself a ‘Stocking Stuffing Artist’. Stockings are like paintings. Their appearance should draw people to them with wonderment and excitement.

After the presents under the tree lie open, the magic of Christmas dwindles, suddenly someone sees their stocking hanging and exclaims, “Oh I still have things in my stockings!” So the excitement of Christmas reappears by the form of a stocking holding more surprises to be discovered.

Stockings play a very important role so it is necessary to stuff one correctly. With this guide you too will become a ‘Stocking Artist’ and able to create not just a filled sock but a magical element to provide the extension of ‘Christmas Magic’ for the recipients.

The Art Form of Stuffing Stockings

Stuffing Christmas Stockings

Most people choose their stocking first. That is not always the perfect plan.

    1. Establish your theme for your stocking and purchase the items.
    2. Then pick a stocking size that will meet the needs of the items you bought.
    3. Choose your stocking according to the taste of your recipient because it will personalize it creating fonder memories.
The Art of Stuffing a Christmas Stocking
Cute Stocking But Is It The Right Size?

A stocking that looks empty once filled is a disappointment!

  1. Choose the correct size so it looks filled to the cuff
  2. Always leave room for a stuffed toy to peek out accompanied by one or two candy canes.

The Art of Stuffing A Christmas Stocking

First to be stuffed but last to be discovered are the objects found in the toe and heel of the stocking.

The important job of the toe and heel objects are to divert the emotions of sadness, of being the last gift discovered, to the emotion of excitement of finding a treasure they can’t wait to play with immediately.

    1. Two or Four inch prized Pokemon, match box cars or animals to add to a collection are perfect for the toe and heel of the stocking

Keep them using their brains and creativity!
Strategy is involved in the art of stuffing a stocking

After the toe and heels are filled you can start using larger items to fill the stocking up quicker.

The middle section objective is to keep the recipient busy and content during the remainder of the winter break.

The Middle of the Stocking

Comics, magazines and activity books are examples. Role up these books in a scroll fashion and tie a ribbon around the center. They will now fit neatly to the sides of the stocking and will be held in place with the items placed in the middle.

Favorite candy bars or bags of candy fill a stocking and keep the comic books to the side of the sock. Your recipient will enjoy having their own stash of goodies.

Secrets Your Children Hope I Don’t Share

The top section of the stocking is extremely important because its job is to draw attention to itself and be a beacon of wonderment and magic.

Any thing placed in the top section needs to be gift wrapped. Children are tricky and often work in pairs to sneak a peek into their stockings when looking for gifts hidden in parents’ rooms.
The secret of wrappinthe top of the stockingg gifts
Gift wrapping the top layer foils their plans and also works as a barrier against seeing the contents below. Wrapped gifts also prolong getting to the bottom of the stocking and extends the excitement.

‘Keep the Magic of Christmas Alive’ is every stocking artists mantra and prevails when thoughtfully stuffing Christmas stockings.


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Grace Hodgin has been inspiring children to be crafty for over 40+ years. She is a free lance writer and fiber arts expert residing on the edge of the Ocala National Forest.
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    I love this instructional guide for stocking!! Thanks Grace and Barb!

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      Your welcome Mitch and we are glad you enjoyed it.

    • Daisy
    • December 18, 2018

    Very cool! I really enjoyed reading your guide for stockings. Mine are often misshapen and awkwardly distributed, but I’ll try your tips to up my stocking game! 🙂

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      We are so glad you found this helpful and we hope your future stockings will yield happier results.

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