50 by 50: Smoothie Holidays

It’s been a month since I checked in on my 50 by 50 weight loss journey.  My first goal is to lose 20 pounds over a 6 month period.  I’m two months in and 11 pounds down and it’s encouraging that I’m still on track!

I had committed to trying Paleo a few weeks back and managed to stick to it for a few days until I went on press trip to New Mexico (absolutely gorgeous state, by the way) and then of course, returned to Thanksgiving and the start of the holiday celebration season.  My Paleo intentions have since gone quite awry.

So, had to decide what would be most important this holiday season and I decided that it would be to keep the weight off that I’d already lost and continue to try to stay within my desired calorie range as often as possible.  A quick and easy way I’ve managed to accomplish this is to enjoy a farm fresh smoothie for lunch on days I know I may have a heavier dinner, will be going out to eat, or will be tempted by goodies at a holiday gathering.

50 by 50: Smoothie Holidays

It’s working quite well, the weight is staying off and my new motto is “A Smoothie A Day Helps Keep The Holiday Pounds Away!”

Smoothies are a fantastic way to add more plant-based foods to my diet each day, too, and of course are great for adding in other healthy things like herbs, flax, almond butter and pea protein powder.

Occasionally, I’ll have my smoothie in the morning instead and I’ll generally use my go-to Heart Healthy Orange Smoothie recipe with a heaping spoonful of flax seed and a carrot added in.

What’s Next?

I’m going to be mindful throughout the holiday season about what I consume.  If I’m going to add extra calories to my day, I certainly want to make sure they are worth it!

I’ll also continue swapping in smoothies to help keep my weight steady, or maybe even lose a pound or two along the way.  One thing I can say is I truly feel healthy when I drink a great fruit and veggie-based smoothie so I know I’m doing my body a great service either way.

Will begin going back to testing out dietary lifestyles each week after Christmas and will definitely share the results!  Until then, I hope you have the happiest of holidays and continue successfully along your weight loss path!

Join me in any way you see fit, whether you want to follow along with what I’m trying each week or whether you just want some company along the way for your own personal weight loss journey.  Feel free to comment below or chat with me on any of Rural Mom’s social media channels. I’d love to connect and share!

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