Remembrance Wreath Craft

The Remembrance Wreath Craft is one of my favorite ornaments for the holidays! It is a great craft for kids but is also a fun craft for adults. The remembrance wreath looks great on holiday trees and can be given as gifts. I first used this craft with 4th graders while volunteering at a local elementary school in the 90’s. Still today the remembrance wreath craft has not lost its uniqueness or versatility.

I found a photo of my sister’s grandchildren and thought she would love to have this ornament hanging from her tree. These children are now in their twenties so this will really bring back some memories each year she hangs it on her tree.

Remembrance Wreath Craft

Here is what you will need to create your remembrance wreath:

Remembrance Wreath Craft Supplies

1. Puzzle Pieces – This is a great way to use those puzzles with
missing pieces.
2. Green Paint – If you are going to make several then use spray
3. Paint Brush
4. White school glue that dries clear.
5. Red Bows
6. Scissors
7. Card stock or construction paper
8. Foam sheets or cardboard from folder or a cereal box.
9. Red and Green Glitter Glue.
10. String or wire for hanger.
11. Compass for making circles. (optional)

*Always keep in mind that the remembrance wreath is going to hang on the tree. You do not want to make it so large that it weighs down the tree branch nor too small that you can not get a photo to fit in the center.

Paint puzzle pieces and let dry.

I use a compass and draw a circle on a piece of card stock and foam. I set my compass on the 2 mark which yields a circle about 3 3/4. Set the foam circle to the side and then draw a circle inside the card stock circle. Leave about a ¼ to ½ inch rim and cut out the center. I fold my circle in quarters and then align my compass so I have an accurate circle width all the way round. I paint my frame green to match the puzzle pieces.

I use the card stock frame circle I have just cut and align the photo and cut the photo in a circle to fit.
Glue the photo back on the foam. Then glue the frame onto the top of the photo.

Remembrance Wreath Craft

Now add the painted puzzle pieces. I lay mine out first and then glue them one at a time onto the frame. After allowing the puzzle pieces to dry I then take green glitter glue and put drops onto the puzzle pieces and spread it out over the green puzzle pieces. I do not completely cover the puzzle pieces with the glitter glue but use it to high light so both colors show.

Remembrance Wreath Craft

I then make holly berries around the wreath with the red glitter glue just by making three dots. I glue a red bow on the bottom and set it aside to let it completely dry over night. I add a string for the hanger and the remembrance wreath is complete.

Remembrance Wreath Craft

You can make the wreaths as elaborate or simple as you choose. Sometimes I use a glaze over the paint and use puzzle pieces that are the same size and layer them or I just make simple fast wreaths with wonky pieces that give it a special charm. Experiment and be creative and each one will take on a personality all of its own.

I write the date of the photo on back and hang it on my tree or give it as a gifts.

The featured photos in the center of these wreaths can be anything you want to preserve as a memory. Here are just a few ideas:

Remembrance Wreath Ideas.

1. Old Christmas cards
2. Favorite photos of people and pets
3. Vintage photos
4. Grandchildren’s drawings
5. Vacation photos
6 Special events

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