25 Dynamite Duct Tape Crafts

The origins of Duct Tape aren’t real clear, but legend has it that it was originally invented for military use – it was super sticky and waterproof and therefore helped eradicate rips in green canvas pretty quickly. Later on, the tape was used in the heating and air conditioning ducts of homes, hence the name “duct tape”.

Fast forward to today, where duct tape is one of the most widely used and versatile adhesives known to man. The patterns and colors and even glitter versions have made it a favorite medium of crafters and DIYers. Below are 25 of my favorite duct tape crafts. Have you tried any of them?

25 Dynamite Duct Tape Crafts

1. Easy DIY Pencil Case
2. DIY Gift Boxes
3. Duct Tape Wreath
4. Easy DIY Journal
5. Duck Tape iPad Case
6. Duct Tape Mini First Aid Kit Roll – Perfect for summer camps and Boy Scout or Girl Scout troupe activities
7. Backpack Charms
8. Celebrations Valentine Heart Garland
9. Glitter and Bow Duck Tape Flip Flops
10. 5 Minute DIY Dog Placemat
11. Colorful Duct Tape Bracelet
12. Duck Tape Monster Corkboard
13. Duct Tape Chewbacca Bandolier
14. DIY Art Tray – great way to keep desks free from clutter!
15. Duct Tape Minion Pencil Case
16. Valentine’s Day Candy Jar
17. How to Decorate a Stool
18. No Sew Zippered Pouch
19. DIY Football Fan Gift Envelope
20. How to Make Duck Tape Gift Bags and Hearts for Valentine’s Day
21. Duck Tape Book Cover
22. Duck Tape Recycled Robot
23. Glitter Easter Eggs
24. Duct Tape Crayon Roll – great stocking stuffer or party favor
25. Duct Tape Wallet

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