Ten Ways To Boost Curb Appeal and Why You’d Want To Do It

When you first purchased your home, it probably had a fairly good curb appeal. That’s likely because it was designed that way to attract you to the property. It’s a tactic that many property developers use these days; make the outside of the home look appealing so that you’re more likely to take a look inside. Having a great exterior also means less work on your part when you actually own the home to make it look nice. In short, selling a home these days is about the whole package.

But after a couple of years or even months, the exterior of your home might start to wear out. The winds might blow debris onto your lawn, the grass might grow out of control if you don’t cut it, and it’s not uncommon for pests to start invading. These are all things that can slowly degrade your exterior and thus your curb appeal. Thankfully, there are ways to fix these issues and even prevent them from happening if you’re diligent enough.

So in this post, we’re going to share ten ways to boost your curb appeal and also give you some reasons why you’d want to do it.

1. Switch out your front door

One of the fastest ways to make a surprising difference to your curb appeal is to replace your front door. There are many unique styles that you can pick from, and they can transform your front entrance into the main focal point of the home from the outside. You could even put some lights and flowerbeds leading up to the entrance to make it a little more interesting and grand.

2. Clean up the outside of your home

Cleaning is one of the best ways to boost your curb appeal, but clearing up the outside of your house is a little more difficult than just getting a brush and sweeping up. Cleaning up the outside of your home typically involves removing any kind of trash and debris, trimming your lawn, and even repainting fences if needed.

3. Add some lights

Lights are a fantastic addition to any home exterior and can add a wonderful touch to improve curb appeal. Lights come in many different shapes, sizes, and even forms. Some of them can be planted into your lawn, while others can hang from trees, fences, and even your homes. With so many choices, it’s a good idea to consider what you’re looking to achieve with lawn lights, and you should also think about your budget as well.

4. Place seating outside your home

There are many homes that place seating outside on their lawn. This is usually for warmer climates and seasons where people like to sunbathe or relax in front of their home. This is a fantastic way to enjoy the great outdoors and it also boosts your curb appeal. It shows that your household enjoys spending time outside, and it’s also a fantastic place to greet guests and chat with them if they don’t want to come inside, or if it’s just nice weather.

5. Repair broken or damaged items

If you’ve lived in your home for some time then there are probably a bunch of broken or damaged items lying around your front and back lawns. It could be damaged lawn chairs, broken tiles, or scuffed driveways. All of these can negatively impact your home’s curb appeal which is why it’s a good idea to repair them if possible. An object like a lawn chair is easy to replace or even repair, but it’s a bit more challenging when you have chipped stones, brick, or even potholes in your driveway. These will likely require specialists to help you fix them and get them looking new again, which is why many people hold off on these jobs for a long time.

It’s also good to look out for the more hidden dangers that could be lying in your home and get those fixed too. Things like mould, asbestos, and even radon could be present in your home. Having these things tested or looked at by a home inspector could help if you ever come to sell your home in your listing.

6. Get a new mailbox

If you have a mailbox on your front lawn then why not consider replacing it with something new? Those traditional post boxes on a wooden beam are nostalgic, but not really practical all things considered. It doesn’t really inspire security confidence and they can end up looking a bit worn over time. Get yourself a larger and nicer postbox and it’ll add a bit of flair to your lawn to improve your curb appeal.

Ten Ways To Boost Curb Appeal and Why You’d Want To Do It

7. Plant more flowers

A great way to improve your lawn and add some color is to plant more flowers. You can enlist the help of a landscaping service to make this easier, but you could also just grab some flowers from your backyard or a store and plant them! It’s all about expressing your creativity and there are really no wrong or right answers when it comes to arranging flowers. It’s down to planting things that you personally enjoy, and putting them in arrangements that look pleasing to you.

If you’re looking for a bit of advice, then you can either contact a specialist or look online for examples of flowers and colors that pair well. Do keep in mind that adding more flowers will up the amount of time needed to maintain your yard. You could hire a gardening service to help you, but this is only required if you’re planning to add a lot of flowers and other plants to your lawn.

8. Trim your trees

Many houses have trees overlooking them which can eventually grow out of control if they’re left unattended. As such, it’s a good idea to trim these down when possible. Cut off any branches that are hanging over your home, but keep in mind that many trees are there to block out sunlight and create shade for your home. This is especially true in hotter climates. Good management of your trees can even lead to a more energy-efficient home because you’ll be spending less money on air conditioning. In short, trimming your trees comes with many unique benefits in addition to boosting your curb appeal.

9. Paint your exterior

Painting the exterior of your home can take a while if you have a large house, but it doesn’t take a lot of color to transform the way your house looks. Simply pick a color, get some brushes, and start painting! You could paint the siding, your fences, or even the decking. Just keep in mind that color combinations are important if you want to keep it aesthetically pleasing.

10. Hide your bins

Lastly, why not consider hiding your trash bins if they’re visible? Hiding them behind the house or to the side is usually good enough, but you could even build a little enclosure for them. The point of this is to hide it from view so that people passing by can’t see it. Trash bins don’t exactly generate clean and appealing thoughts, so it’s best to keep them out of sight when possible. It’s also common for people to place boxes and other trash items near their bins, so seeing these will drastically reduce your home’s curb appeal.

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