Five Telling Signs That Your Spouse Needs A Hearing Aid

When it comes to knowing a person inside and out – it’s going to be your other half. With that in mind, any noticeable differences can be spotted quite quickly. That includes the quality of their hearing.

Have you noticed some strange occurrences lately to do with their hearing? There are some telling signs that there could be problems with a person’s hearing. If your spouse is triggering any of these red flags, then it might be wise to get them booked in with a hearing specialist to get it checked.

Here are five telling signs that your spouse needs a hearing aid.

They can’t hear you talking from the same room

Find yourself talking to them from across the room but there’s no response? Hello? No one home? Well, it might be that your voice simply isn’t reaching their ears. They may well be pulling your leg the first time but chances are, they could be ignoring you because they simply can’t hear you.

Hearing someone from the other room may be acceptable when it comes to not hearing what’s being said. However, when you’re in the same room, that’s a cause for concern.

The television volume goes up when they watch it

When it comes to the television volume going up, this can be a sign that a hearing aid or some sort of hearing device may be needed in the near future. This is the sign I happened to notice with my spouse. While I kept the volume quite low, he would turn it up significantly. 

Of course, this is normal if it’s movie night. However, keeping the television volume at that higher level all the time may be a sign of hearing loss. It’s important to try and keep the television volume low. High volumes can be a stickler for damaging hearing over time. 

Five Telling Signs That Your Spouse Needs A Hearing Aid

They’re reading your lips to hear what you’re saying

When it comes to hearing aid benefits, no longer needing to read lips can be useful, especially when meeting new people for the first time. 

If you find your spouse is looking at your lips and others when out on social occasions, it might not just be because they’re admiring yourself or others’ pout. It could be that they’re trying to decipher what a person is saying through lipreading. 

They’re complaining of ear problems

Ear problems are a common associated symptom of hearing loss. From regular ear infections to ear pain and harsh ringing in the ears, all can lead to hearing loss occurring.

If they’re complaining of ear problems regularly, it might be due to hearing loss.

Your spouse works in an environment with loud noises

A big tell-tale sign of hearing loss is often from the environment that the spouse works in. If they work in an environment that’s notoriously loud, then they may have already done some significant damage. This is all dependent on how careful they are with wearing their safety equipment!

These telling signs are all worth looking out for so that you can your spouse the help they need for their hearing and health as soon as possible. 

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