5 Health Habits for Homesteaders

The idea of the homestead and farming life can be grand. You get to set the pace of your own life, rely on yourself and mother earth, and you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Needless to say, this lifestyle, or even something close to this lifestyle, can absolutely be wonderful. But, it’s also best to keep in mind just like many other lifestyles, the homestead and farming life is labor intensive. Not just working the body, but working the mind too. 

So this means that there is a chance that health isn’t always going to be tip-top. But, there are things you can do to help keep your health grand, your mental health at it’s pique, so you can keep doing what you do best. So, here are some health tips that even a homesteader should do!

Watch out for your hearing health

As you age, you’re going to need to watch over your hearing far more closely. As a farmer, there is a high chance that you’re using power tools or farming tools from tractors, lawn mowers, to anything else. All of these are loud, and are you even using protection for your ears when using these? If you already have a hearing aid that you’re needing to wear, are you keeping up with the hearing aid maintenance? As this is something else that you need to strongly keep in mind too.

Keep a close eye on what you eat

One of the beauties of being self-sufficient is being able to know exactly what you’re eating at all times. Homesteading means getting to eat the goods that mother Earth provides for you. From fresh vegetables to free range chickens, it’s honestly not hard to see why this lifestyle is amazing when you’re getting to indulge in some of the very best food, right? But make sure you still keep an eye on everything you’re consuming. This includes watching the sugar intake and the calorie intake of all of your meals.

5 Health Habits for Homesteaders

Get enough exercise

While it’s completely true that farming and homesteading are quite a labor intensive, you still need to make sure you’re getting in at least 10,000 steps a day. Ideally, you should get in some cardio as well. Just make sure you’re getting that heart pumping each day as this is going to be vital as you age.

Check your posture

This is something that everyone tends to forget. But your posture is going to matter big time, so make sure that you have impeccable posture. Some wraps and harnesses can help out with improving posture. Whether you’re sitting, standing, or tending to the garden, you’ll need to pay close attention to this.


When it comes to homesteading life, it can sometimes be difficult to get enough sleep. There is always some work that needs to be done and the rooster tend to begin crowing right when the sun comes out. So, ensure you get at least seven to nine hours of sleep each night. You cannot neglect your sleep! You might want to think about upgrading your sleep environment. For instance, you can get the best cooling mattress if you tend to get too hot and this keeps you awake or disturbs you throughout the night. 


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