Reliving Our Wonder Years at the Carolina Opry

Music influences our lives in magical ways.   Songs have the power to evoke emotional responses or even trigger memories, bringing us right back to a moment, most often a moment in time we truly treasure.  Enjoying the “Time Warp” show at the Carolina Opry Theater in Myrtle Beach did just that.  We were zapped right back to our wonder years with an energetic array of tunes from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s!

A total blast from the past, the “Time Warp” show had us dancing in our seats. We scheduled the show as part of our girlfriend getaway in Myrtle Beach and it was the perfect way to celebrate.

Reliving Our Wonder Years at the Carolina Opry


Time Warp Featuring Music Of The 60s, 70s & 80s

The Carolina Opry Theater entertains the South Carolina Myrtle Beach area. Seating over 2,200 people, ushers quickly help guests to settle in and enjoy the show.

As invited guests, Barb and I loved the musical performance of the entertainers. Time Warp show cases the best and loved songs of the 60s, 70s and 80s. Behind the entertainers are multimedia screens which displays the original entertainers and events from the past.  The overall effect is dazzling!

Refreshments are available pre-show and during intermission.  There’s also a great gift shop where you can purchase the soundtrack from the show to continue reminiscing at home.  Of course, you’ll find lots of other fun items including t-shirts and souvenirs.

Enjoying the Multi-talented Cast of The Carolina Opry Theater

The Time Warp cast are delightful while entertaining their audience with their many talents. The music is both upbeat and a passage way of past occurrences in history and individual paths once taken. Between the songs are comic relief and performances of the renowned clogging group, All That.

Reliving Our Wonder Years at the Carolina Opry


Enjoying A Blast From The Past

As someone who is a witness to the events of this era, I feel this show is a wonderful opportunity to rekindle memories. Share the experience of the wonderful music, dancing and song with those born before this classic era.

The artists featured at the Carolina Opry are amazingly talented with timely costumes making this 2 hour show flow seamlessly. Long after the show the performance stays with me. It’s a fun venue to conversation about the music and events of this time period.

Reliving Our Wonder Years at the Carolina Opry

A song, “Carolina in My Mind” by James Taylor is a a beautiful performance by Gary Brown, Acoustic Guitar, Vocalist and veteran performer of the Carolina Opry since 1989. This song is still running through my mind echoing my longing to return because of the hospitality and beautiful beaches we enjoyed while visiting Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on our recent media trip.

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