Medicinal Garden Tracker from GETTING BAKED

How do you know if your medicinal herb doses are aiding your wellness efforts? You keep track of your results with my Medicinal Garden Tracker!

As promised, my awesome readers of GETTING BAKED: Everything You Need to Know About Hemp, CBD and Medicinal Gardening, I’m popping all the handy worksheets from the guide up on Rural Mom. This way you can screen shot it to your phone, save the link, or download and print off a copy to keep with you.

Medicinal Garden Tracker Printable from GETTING BAKED

The Medicinal Garden Tracker is designed to help you:

  • make notes of your dosage
  • quickly record observations and results
  • track your results over time
  • jot down the key points from the book you need to remember
  • and to help adjust your routine, as needed

Medicinal Garden Tracker

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Whatever your style, the important point is to track your results. Tracking results over time will give you a clearer understanding of much-need information like:

  • effects the medicinal herb/spice tincture or tea have over time
  • delivery forms that work best for your lifestyle
  • whether you need to increase or decrease side effects
  • results of your medicinal gardening efforts
  • challenges and solutions you find along the way
  • inspiration, thoughts and other helpful notes.

This will all help you have a happier, healthier experience along your wellness journey!

GETTING BAKED: Everything You Need to Know About Hemp, CBD and Medicinal Gardening

If you’re new to the website and haven’t purchased your copy of GETTING BAKED yet, it’s available at bookstores everywhere in both digital and print formats.

Part scientific research and part firsthand know-how, Barb Webb rounds out her authoritative guide with dozens of recipes to enhance your experience- from smoothies and teas to CBD bath bombs and hemp body butters.

This guide has it all! Learn how CBD, hemp and herbs can work for your body and start GETTING BAKED today!

Hope you find plenty of ways to recharge, reconnect with nature, and improve your overall wellness! Thanks for joining me on the “Getting Baked” journey today!

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