Turn Your Holiday Activities Into Winter Workouts

Burning winter calories does not have to be an extra chore that you tack onto your already busy schedule. In most cases, just the fact that it is winter, already adds plenty of physical resistance to your daily activities. With this in mind, here’s five fun winter workouts that can help burn away excess holiday weight.

You are probably already doing most of these. We have tips to help you get even more health benefits out of each!

Turn Your Holiday Activities Into Winter Workouts


Getting out into the snow is good for your health. Studies show that most adults remember their youth when the snow comes around, and that means that it’s a great time to get out and have some fun.

If you have children, it’s even more of a push for some good old fashioned sledding. While out having a blast, you’ll get a great cardio work out from going up hills and the adrenaline rushes that come to as you rush down the hill.


Do you remember last year, when you put all the decorations up inside and outside of the house? Colorful lights, tinsel and funny little plastic holiday characters.

You had to get ladder our, as well as climbing up and down it. You used lots of different creative techniques to hanging decorations just right inside the house. All of these are great winter workouts for your body.

You’ll get some cardio, plenty of stretching and weight lifting. As an added bonus, if you had to untangle the Christmas lights, then you also just gave your brain a strategic work out!

Shoveling Snow

Shoveling is a whole body work out, and it’s one that is great no matter what the weather. It’s especially nice in the snow though, as we tend to work a bit harder, so that we can stay warmer while we are doing the job.

So when you see the snow is so deep you can’t get your car out, you can take pleasure in knowing that you’ve just been given a great opportunity to build muscle and burn calories. This is definitely one of the perfect winter workouts!

Winter Walking

One of my favorite winter activities, has always just been walking around. Not at any particular pace.

If you are really pushing to lose weight in the winter, a light jog would probably go far. Though, you will tire out faster and not enjoy the scenery as much.

I find that a long paced walk is perfect in the winter weather. If snow is on the ground, your shoes and pant legs will collect moisture and add extra weight to your walk.

The winter is notorious for air that is so cold you can see it when you breathe. This is a great thing for someone trying to burn calories. The colder weather means that our bodies have to work hard to keep us warm, and the extra oxygen in the air supplies us with what we need to keep going.

Take a camera with you when you walk for some fun winter photography, and you’ll add a half hour to your walk, burning even more calories.

Holiday Shopping

I don’t know about you, but when the end of the year comes around, things start to get a little crazy. Between November and January. This means lots of extra grocery shopping, gift shopping and running through stores.

The average person has at least two friends, three or four family members, a significant other and possibly a few kids to get gifts for over the winter holidays. Take charge of your health while you shop this year, and walk to the stores and back.

Or add some work out weights to your ankles and wrist while you wander around large stores looking for gifts. The shopping alone is a good work out, though to really burn calories, you’ll want to step it up with something that adds even more resistance to the workout.

No matter what you do this wintry season, there is no reason you can’t fit in some needed exercise. In most cases, you are already going to be doing lots of extra activities. Why not just add some extra resistance to your regular chores and fun gatherings?

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