5 Do’s And Don’ts Of Wedding Fashion

One of the biggest decisions you’ll make after receiving that wedding invite is what the heck you’re going to wear. There’s a lot of great advice out there…but also a lot of bad advice, and in the interest of making sure you don’t embarrass yourself with a fashion faux pas, let’s look at the top 5 do’s and don’ts of wedding fashion.

The Don’ts

5 Do's And Don’ts Of Wedding Fashion

Let’s start off by looking at the wedding fashion don’ts: the mistakes that you’ll want to avoid making at all costs to avoid the unwanted, judgy attention of the other wedding-goers. Whatever you do, don’t do any of the following!

Don’t wear white, or anything close to it.

You shouldn’t need any explanation for this one, but just in case you do, here goes: white is for the bride! It’s her day, it’s her color, and unless you want to draw the outright ire of the other guests (or worse, the bride’s family or the bride herself), stick to one of the many different colors.

Don’t wear anything too short, low-cut, or otherwise revealing.

Hey, I get it: you work hard to have the kind of body you have, or maybe you’re just genetically gifted enough to have it naturally. That’s great, but weddings aren’t the place to put the merchandise on display. Once again, it’s not your day, and even if you like the attention, it’s not yours to take by wearing your club outfit to someone else’s big day.

Don’t forget to dress for the venue.

5 Do's And Don’ts Of Wedding Fashion

Depending on where the wedding is being held, you may need to layer up, or possibly even layer down (tastefully, of course). Whether you’re somewhere warm like a beach or field, or an air-conditioned indoor venue, make sure you’ll be comfortable sitting through the ceremony and reception.

Don’t wear any outrageous patterns.

Even if you’re the person who’s kind of known among your group of friends as the quirky one who dresses to the beat of their own drummer, a wedding might not be the best place to express your artistic side. Don’t disrespect the moment, and play it straight for the couple who invited you.

Don’t, under (nearly) any circumstances, wear jeans.

I say nearly for one exception: if it’s made extremely clear that the wedding is meant to be an uber-casual event, to the point where the couple themselves will be showing up in their street clothes, then fine. Any other scenario, you will look like a bum if you show up in jeans. Just don’t do it.

The Do’s

Now that we have all that out of the way let’s talk about the things you SHOULD do to become the consummate wedding fashion plate…

Do consult the wedding invitation for information.

5 Do's And Don’ts Of Wedding Fashion

Wedding invitations are usually an excellent place to get an idea for how guests are expected to dress. Phrases like “black-tie” or “cocktail attire” are pretty much direct instructions, so make sure you adhere to the couple’s wishes in that regard.

Do make sure you find out what color the bridesmaids are wearing.

You want to know this because, if at all possible, you want to avoid showing up in the same color as them. You don’t want to cause confusion, or worse, make people think you hold a grudge for not being picked as a bridesmaid yourself, so pick something distinct to avoid the issue.

Do color-coordinate your outfit and makeup.

Another one that should go without saying, but you want to make sure your colors match all-around. Harley Quinn might make a cool Halloween costume, but not so much for a wedding look.

Do choose appropriate footwear for the occasion.

This is less a matter of fashion than practicality. For example, you may look great in high heels, but that also might make it hard to walk around on a beach. Depending on the venue, you might be better off with flats for the day.

Do feel free to accessorize.

Even though you don’t want to go crazy with an over-the-top outfit, you can get a little bit of leeway with the right accessories. Necklaces, earrings, or other kinds of jewelry can provide a sharp contrast if you otherwise feel too understated.

By following the tips above, you’ll be in good shape as far as wedding fashion goes so you can show up looking great without making yourself the show. And if you’re heading to a destination wedding, why not check out a resort to stay at so you can make a vacation out of it?

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