7 Games Adults Play (That Are Perfect for Gift Giving!)

Whether you are hosting a wine tasting, holiday party or just a casual get-together, nothing ups the fun-factor of your gatherings like a well-designed game.  An entertaining, fast-paced card game can instantly take your celebration from “so-so” to “so memorable!”

Thanks to our friends at Goliath Games, we have the inside scoop on a new collection, Games Adults Play: hilarious party games for players 18-years and older.  Each of them are perfect for creating a fun evening with friends and family – definitely a must for the holidays.

7 Games Adults Play (That Are Perfect for Gift Giving!)

They also make fantastic gift ideas for all the adults on your shopping list.  You’ll get plenty of smiles when they open these gifts, but also the benefit of being able to play along when they invite you over for a fun game night!

Games Adults Play

True Colors

How well do you really know your friends? You may be surprised!

Test your friendships with True Colors, the revealing party game that will prove how well you know your friends, and if they really know you. True Colors features over 170 hilarious questions after a card is read players secretly cast votes for who they think fits the description.

Sip It

BYOB? Don’t forget Sip It! This is the ultimate drinking game that serves up a side of laughter. Players take turns drawing cards that include tasks ranging from wildly ridiculous to mildly embarrassing.

If a task is simply too uncomfortable, players must take a sip or lose points.

7 Games Adults Play (That Are Perfect for Gift Giving!)

Tossed Salad

Tossed Salad is the fast-paced game of quick thinking and acting nasty. This charades-like game is sure to prove who has the dirtiest mind and ensure hours of laughter.

Players split into two teams and must get their teammates to shout out the double entendre listed on their card.

Shit Happens: 50 Shades of Shit

Shit happens to everyone, even in the bedroom. There’s some risqué business waiting in Shit Happens: 50 Shades of Shit. Players read through the cards and must put them in order according to their shittiness. If the ranking matches the official Misery Index, players get to keep the card.

It’s really quite fascinating to find out what makes you and your friends the most miserable or if you agree with the rankings!

7 Games Adults Play (That Are Perfect for Gift Giving!)

Friend of Faux

Gather old friends, new friends, and faux friends to play Friend or Faux. Players go through five rounds of questions, as the game progresses each round becomes increasingly more revealing and entertaining.

Get personal, share stories, recall memories and make new friends with Friend or Faux.

Oregon Trail: Journey to Willamette Valley

This is a blast from the past!  If you’re over the age of 18, you likely remember the computer game with a similar name introduced in grammar school history classes.

In The Oregon Trail: Journey To Willamette Valley every wagon is for themselves as players race to find their fortune in the West. Players must be strategic and smart as they complete the treacherous journey, attempting to survive and save as much money as possible to start a new life.

Grab your drinks, gather your friends and get ready for a wonderful night of game play!

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    These games are hysterical and I love that Shit Happens game. I’d probably do more laughing then ranking. LOL

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