Egg Carton Craft: Parachutist Paco Teaching Problem Solving Skills

Here is a fun craft to get your middle schooler being creative and having fun.

Egg Carton Craft: Parachutist Paco

This egg carton craft is a creative project that my son is the inventor of when he was a middle schooler. This craft is fondly known as Paco the Parachutist in our family.
I remember a lot of time and effort on his part creating and perfecting this parachutist.

Proud of his design, he showed it to friends and like wise they copied the idea. His craft spawned parachute contests and it was fun seeing the group grow and the creativity expressed in so many different ways. The parachutist that landed last was the winner.

A Craft Teaching Problem Solving

Learning how to modify their egg carton craft for their competition made this not only a craft but also an educational one as well. So not only was this a fun craft, it also was a craft teaching problem solving skills and the development of an invention.
*The first proto type with pipe cleaner arms and legs. Modifying it without the pipe cleaners made it lighter to increase its chances of winning!
Here is a fun craft to get your middle schooler being creative and having fun.

Egg Carton
Small Safety Pin (optional)
Trash Bag
Sewing Needle
Pens or Markers for Facial Features


Cut two of the bottom humps from an egg carton.

Cut a square piece from the trash bag. 8 x 8 inches works fine.

Cut four pieces of sewing thread about 10 inches long.

Thread a sewing needle, knotting the thread on one end of the thread, and run the thread through the plastic at the corner.
It is easier to start underneath and then pull the thread up and back through so the thread is back under the plastic (the length of the thread is now hanging under the plastic bag .
Now push the needle through the top of one of the egg carton humps. Place a safety pin under the egg carton hump and wrap the threads around a safety pin and fasten the pin so it is closed.

Leave about 8 inches of thread between the egg carton and the parachute. Do that for each corner of the trash bag square.

Put a drop of glue over the string and pin so it will not unravel. The safety pin is now inside the first egg carton hump holding the thread.

Take the second hump and glue it to the top.

Egg Carton Craft entertains and also teaches problem solving skills

Decorate according to your imagination. Add facial features.
The egg person now is ready to be tossed into the air and the parachute will float him to the ground.

This can be a fun family craft and each family member can create their own.
Create your own rules for your competitions.

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