The Art of Writing Love Letters

Valentine’s Day is the prime opportunity for expressing our love but often, it’s difficult to find the right gift to express our love, let alone the right words!  Thanks to our partnership with PAPYRUS, we’re discussing the art of writing love letters today and sharing some clever ideas for delivering your sentiments…. read on!

For as long as people have begun writing, there have been penned words of love and adoration.  After all, romance is something we love to communicate, read and be on the receiving end of.  A few words of written love can make even a stoic heart swoon.

The Art of Writing Love Letters

In our digital age, we’ve lost the art of writing love letters.  It’s easy to sent a heart emoji or quickly text and “I Love You,” but when it comes to deeper, more involved expressions of written love, technology often limits us.

There’s nothing like putting pen to paper and simply allowing your beautiful sentiments of the heart to flow.  The art of writing love letters doesn’t have to be difficult, just use some of the tips below for inspiration.

First and foremost, choose your stationery.  Will you write your letter on a sheet of luxury paper with a quill pen or on a piece of construction paper with colored pencils?  Either idea is suitable depending on your preferences.  If you think you will struggle to get the words out.  Choose a suitable card to help you start your expression.  This will also give you less blank space to fill, making it a little less stressful if you are a person of few words.  You’ll simply put a few meaningful sentences into writing, which will redoubtably still be well received!

The Art of Writing Love Letters

If you are really nervous about writing full paragraphs of your undying love, try putting a few sentiments on small pieces of paper that can then be pieced together to create a lovely string of sentiments.  If you have no problem writing out your feelings and you think a page of stationary won’t be nearly enough, purchase a journal and write to your heart’s desire telling your loved one exactly how you feel!

Next, decide what to write about.  You can simply begin with “I love you because…” and then list off all the characteristics you love about your mate.  Or you can begin with an anecdote from your relationship like a romantic memory or special moment you both shared.  You could also reaffirm your love and tell your mate all the things you are looking forward to in your relationship future. Whatever you decide, if you stay true to your heart, it will be wonderful.

The Art of Writing Love Letters

Write a rough draft of your letter before finalizing it.  This will give you a chance to correct any errors or to add things in that you may have forgotten to say.  This is particularly helpful if you are writing the letter on a card.  You want to make sure not to make any mistakes.  Handing your love a sloppy note is acceptable, as anything from the heart is, but it will really show that you put the effort in when you deliver a well-written, legible note.

Don’t stress if your letter isn’t perfect.  Love is imperfect, we are imperfect and the world is often a messy place to be.  It’s not about how perfect your letter is, it’s more about how honest it is.  Write down what you really feel and your love will cherish it.

Lastly, create a memorable end to your letter.  You can sign “I love you,” and call it a day or you could take things a step further and add in a little extra sentiment like “I love you and I’m looking forward to spending a lifetime of Valentine’s Days with you.”  Take a moment to give the end of your love letter that little extra.

The Art of Writing Love Letters

When you are finished putting your sentiments to paper, it’s time to deliver the note!  No matter how you hand your note over, it will be well-appreciated, but if you want to take things a step further and add a little extra pizzazz to your love note gifting, try one of these ideas:

  • Gift your letter with a frame for your significant other to discover.  They can then frame the card to enjoy all year long or you can place a favorite photo of the two of you in the frame.
  • Place your letter near the bath, nestling it in a bed of floral soap petals.
  • Stage your letter with fun gift like a special wine glass or a bottle of champagne to set the mood.
  • Write several love letters and leave them around the house for your loved one to discover throughout the day.
  • Slip the note into your lover’s lunchbox, purse or backpack for them to discover later.
  • Set your letter on your partner’s pillow along with a single rose.
  • Take your significant other to dinner and have the waiter/waitress bring the letter with dessert.

The Art of Writing Love Letters

However you choose to deliver it, the most important part of the art of love letter writing is to write it!  So what are you waiting for?  Go on, pick up your pen and express your love!

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The Art of Writing Love Letters

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