Total Amore! Gluten Free Italian Cookies from Cookies Con Amore #glutenfree

Total Amore! Gluten Free Italian Cookies from Cookies Con Amore #glutenfree

One food can unite millions… What word is that?


The trouble with most cookies, though, is that a lot of them contain gluten, and with the number of people allergic to gluten, that can be a problem.

As a gluten-sensitive person, I was happy to discover the Cookies Con Amore recently debuted a line of gluten-free authentic Italian cookies.  From cristoli to pizelles to biscotti, the delectable desserts are made with all-natural ingredients following recipes that have been passed down through 5 generations.

Founder Fernanda Capraro believes that everyone should be able to enjoy her wonderful cookies and she is so happy to spread the joy. Now Cookies Con Amore offers both gluten-free and sugar-free options for those with special dietary needs to mangia some seriously gorgeous treats with their espressos and cappuccinos.

Total Amore! Gluten Free Italian Cookies from Cookies Con Amore #glutenfree

I sampled nine different gluten-free cookies and all of them deliver incredible, authentic taste!  This is truly old world Italian flavor at its finest!

Varieties include:

  • Ricciarelli (a traditional wedding cookie)
  • Pignoli (Pine nut cookies made with almond and macaroon paste instead of flour)
  • GF Reinette (a sesame and lemon flavored cookie)
  • GF Raspberry Linzer (Raspberry jam squished between two butter cookies)
  • GF Pollentine (corn flour cookie rolled with raspberry jam)
  • GF Nonnine (crunchy cookie with a slight lemon flavor)
  • GF Cuccidati Date cookie (butter cookies filled with figs, dates, raisins, and chocolate chips)
  • GF assorted Biscottini (assorted chocolate and almond flavors)
  • Amaretti (almond macaroons made without flour).

With all of those delicious flavors, who’s going to miss gluten?

Visit for information or to purchase and have great tasting cookies on your door steps in just a few days! If you’re not looking for gluten free cookies, you can also order non-gluten free cookies and sugar-free cookie varieties. So many cookies, so little time!

What is your favorite flavor cookie? Do you have someone in your family who needs gluten free foods? If so, let me know what some of your favorite gluten free foods are in the comments!

Total Amore! Gluten Free Italian Cookies from Cookies Con Amore #glutenfree


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