DIY Spoon Plant Markers

Spring is well underway and it’s time to play in the dirt! When you are planting in excess, it’s easy to forget what is where which is why plant markers are so important to have.

Sure, you can easily use simple wooden sticks or other ad hoc means like popping the seed packets over a stick, but it’s so much more fun, colorful and pleasing to head out to your garden and find colorful spoon plant markers guiding your way.

Plus, it’s a terrific activity for kids to participate in, making it a family-friendly activity. Perfect for large garden plots or container gardening, these markers will last all season.

DIY Spoon Plant Markers

DIY Spoon Plant Markers

Materials Needed:

  • Wooden spoons
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Baker’s Twine
  • Bright Alphabet Charms
  • Paint Brushes
  • Scissors

DIY Spoon Plant Markers

Paint top half (or entire) wooden spoon. Use colors that appeal to you, but bright colors are easier to spot and will light up your garden. Allow to fully dry.

Decide how much of the spoon you wish you wrap with Baker’s Twine. Cut appropriate length. The easiest way to do this is to wrap the string around one of the spoons to achieve your desired look.

Once you have the amount of string that you need, add an additional 9-inch of string to the length.  This way, you will have enough slack for attaching the alphabet charms and string enough left on the ends to help tie the string at the end.

Reserve two inches of string (using your thumb to hold it) and begin to wrap string from the bottom upward). When you reach the middle of your string or (as I did) close to the end of your string wrap, slide the alphabet letters on.

Continue to wrap string, leaving enough string to tie and secure the string to the spoon. Tie ends of string in the back of the spoon with a double knot. Trim ends of the string.

Viola, your marker is done!

For longer words, abbreviate the word. For example, “rosemary” can be “rm” OR simply put the alphabet letter on two separate layers to spell out the entire word.

Additional Spoon Plant Marker Ideas

If you have little ones who won’t be able to secure string easily on the markers or you want a different look, you can simply paint the spoons and use paint to add plant detail:

DIY Spoon Plant Markers

Or use sharpie markers to record plant detail:

DIY Spoon Plant Markers

The ideas are endless and you can certainly infuse your own creativity into this craft.

You can also apply this idea to old stainless steel spoons or plastic spoons that you have, too.

Most important, you’ll have bright spoon plant markers to light your path and act as great reminders all season long!


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