10 Little Things You Can Do Today to Show Your Love in a Big Way

A dozen roses, moonlit walks in the Caribbean, an exquisite dinner in a fancy restaurant: all of these show your love in a rather grandiose way. But, what do you do when your budget and lifestyle allow for things more like wilted daisies, daytime trips to the store for diapers, and two burgers at your local fast food stop? Is it time to throw in the romantic towel?


Despite your budget constraints, long work hours, or two children clamoring for your attention, you can still keep the spark of romance alive. Best of all, you can infuse a steady dose for free!

Here are ten everyday little things you can do to show your love in a big way:

Give Your Heart Away

Find fun wasy to give your heart to your partner. Shape your hamburgers in a heart shape. Make heart shaped cookies. Carve your bathroom soap into heart shapes. Trim paper napkins into hearts for the dinner table.

Use your imagination to find clever ways to fill your lover’s world with hearts. The possibilities are endless!

Sieze the Moment

Snow on the ground? Invite your partner to join you outside to make snow angels, to go sledding, or for a playful snowball fight. It may be cold outside, but your playfulness will heat up things quickly!

Take walks through the neighborhood on a breezy night, go play on the swings in a nearby playground, or make a stop on your next trip out to see a landmark or visit some place new in your neighborhood. Indulge in all the daily opportunities to have fun and show your love.

Ten Little Things You Can Do Today to Show Your Love in a Big Way

Love Notes

Once a week, leave a love note for your partner to find. Stuff it in their lunch box, place it on their pillow, or tape it to the bathroom mirror.

Keep it short or write a lengthy sonnet. Whatever your style, it will keep the love-light burning fifty-two times a year!

Hold Hands

Sometimes couples get so busy, the forget the simple power of a touch. Hold hands as often as possible to show your love. Whether you are watching television or shopping, reach out to hold your significant other’s hand.

Dedicate a Song

This is not just for the young! Call the radio station your mate listens to and request a special song. Dedicate it them “just because”.

Show Your Love in Messages

Make a point to text or call and leave sweet messages for your partner on their cell phone or your home phone (if they arrive home before you). If the internet is your preferred methos of contact, send an email, even if it’s just a simple “I love and miss you” or a note of appreciation for something nice they did.

Light It Up

Or should we say, turn down the lights? Turn out your lights and light a candle instead. Have dinner by candlelight or snuggle next to your partner while watching your favorite show. Everything is more romantic by candlelight!

Say “Thank You”

Make a point to complijment your significant other and to say “thank you” regularly. Showing respect and admiration for the one we love let’s them know instantly how much we love them.

Schedule Alone Time

When you have kids, it’s hard to find a quiet moment with your spouse. Plan nights where you hire a babysitter just to spend a quiet evening at home. If you are worried about the cost, try swapping babysitting nights with a friend so that they can have the same luxury of a night alone.

Looking for more ways to show your love daily?

Visit your local library or bookstore and see if they have books available for you to skim through for suggestions.

Search the internet. Google phrases like “keep love alive” or “ways to romance” for creative ideas.

If you’re not too shy, ask your friends! Find out their favorite tips for infusing daily doses of love into their relationships.

Whatever path you choose, always remember, it’s the little things that mean the most!

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