How To Keep Your Home And Garden In Good Shape For Winter

With winter coming, comes the season of slowing down and relaxing. In nature, nothing blooms all year round and winter is normally the season where things dieback and conserve energy for Spring. Animals hibernate and with the cold nights drawing in many of us stay indoors more, too.

If you have a garden or an allotment you will know that even though a lot of things slow down, certain things can still thrive in the winter. This is the time when you need to change up what you’re doing, plant bulbs, and pull up any lingering weeds. 

Tidy Up the Garden

If you have any herbs still growing, pick them and bring them indoors to be dried and stored for use in the kitchen. Any summer plants which are not perennials, pull them up and pop them on the compost heap. You can then use that empty space in the garden to plant your winter crops.

Sow New Seeds

In the winter, you can still grow an abundance of food from things like carrots, parsnips, Brussels sprouts, and potatoes to winter spinach, winter lettuce, and winter kale. Garlic should also be in your winter crop plans. Plant bulbs now to be ready for harvest in July next year. They take around 9 months to grow.

Inspect for Pests

You can also check your garden and even your home to see if the colder weather has drawn in any pests into your home who may have taken up residence. Things like rats, as well as mice also breed like crazy so it can be hard to get rid of them once they’re in, especially if you haven’t noticed. It’s also best to check these things regularly. And it’s also best to get pest control, to be able to get rid of them properly and safely. 

Unpack Your Winter Gear

During the winter, you will also want to pack away your summer clothes and summer belongings and bring out all of your winter gear. You will want things like draft excluders for windows and doors to make sure that no cold air is getting in.

You can also get indoor draft excluders. Designs for like teddy dogs or other patterns compliment your indoor decor while keeping cold air from creeping in.

Inspect Your Heaters

Now is also the time to check your boiler. Make sure your heating is working efficiently and effectively so you’re able to keep warm through the winter months. You may need to bleed the radiators so they’re able to work better.

You can also get things like a smart meter which shows how much energy is being used. With the cost-of-living crisis and the energy crisis, drawing is something to be aware of. You can track what amount of energy is used when you use certain things. This will help you find out what is upping your bill. Replace appliances with cheaper and more energy-efficient items to use instead. 

Set Up for Guests

During the holidays in the winter months, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, you may have family or friends stay with you. Now is a great time to deep clean your guest room, change the bedding and make everything fresh, tidy and clean.

You can even go the extra mile and add things like a mini fridge. Put some of their favorite treats and bottles of water inside. This way they can get snacks in the morning or evening without going through the house and waking people up. Also get out your guest towels and pop them in the room so they are ready for your guests to use.

These steps will help you get your home and garden ready for the winter months, so you’re able to stress less and enjoy the festivities! This gives you more time to slow down and appreciate the season. 


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