11 Ways to Boost Your Mood When You’re Having a Bad Day

We have times when we are simply feeling blue.  There may be good reasons for our melancholy mood or we might find ourselves in a funk just because. Whatever the cause, if you find you need to boost your mood and bring a little sunshine back into your life, try these quick and easy ideas:

Listen to Music

Music has the power to instantly lift our spirits.  For example, when you’re having a bad day, or something just isn’t going well listening to a song that you can easily compare yourself to would make you feel better, right? Whether it’s because that specific song shares the same emotional thoughts, or because the rhythm suits the way your feeling, it makes your mood change into something positive.


When you paint, doesn’t it feel like you’ve poured your entire heart into that single canvas? Imagine designing something so unique that when you look at it you feel an entire story radiating off of that simple image and after seeing that image you feel like all of your negativity went away, by that breath taking work of art. Try it; maybe you’ll boost your mood and feel the same.

Write It Down

Pictures aren’t the only artistic way to get emotions out on paper; writing is another tactic that you could use to lift your spirits. Pick up a pen or pencil, and write out what you feel, make it into a song or poem, or even a story, don’t just leave it as jumbled up words! Maybe when you write out your thoughts, you’ll feel relieved that your mind can be at ease, knowing that you’ve figured out your emotions can turn them into something optimistic.


Go outside and take a good jog, play a sport, or some lift weights! These are good ways to boost your mood. Do something to release the endorphins, so that the body’s chemicals make you feel more at ease.

Plan a Trip

As a travel-inspired blog, we’d be remiss to leave this tip out! Even if you don’t currently have the funds to travel, dreaming about a destination can uplift your spirits by transporting your mind away from your daily woes.  Grab a journal and research all the lovely locations you’d like to visit.  Jot them down along with your thoughts so that you can work towards making your dreams a reality.


When you’re around people you trust, doesn’t that make you feel really good? Why not go out with friends, when your mood is down? When you’re around someone who can make you laugh, smile, or someone who can just keep you company, your spirits can easily be lifted. Come on, I mean who actually wants to be alone when then need a good laugh? Go out and have fun with others!

Help out

Try giving someone a hand with something; it will make you feel better about yourself, which can make you feel good in general. When you feel positive about something you’ve done it’s a great way to uplift yourself, and that person you’ve helped.

Treat Yourself

What better way to feel good than to treat yourself to a nice hot bath. Throw in some bubbles, and make the water steamy hot, then kick back and feel relaxed. Put on some calm music and feel at ease while you take a good rest.


Read a good book, or something that’s inspirational to make you take your mind off your problems. A novel is great to uplift you because the feeling of being sucked into a whole different world or life is utterly amazing.

Binge Watch a Little

There’s nothing like a good TV show when you’re feeling down. Watch a comedy to make you laugh. It always seems nice to sit down for a bit and enjoy a little bit of laughter when watching something interesting.


Taking an hour or so nap seems like a great way to uplift your spirits, doesn’t it?

When you’re having a tough time sleep it off, and when you wake up maybe things will feel better, and you can start the rest of the day with all new confidence.

Those are just 11 ways to lift your spirits, there’s certainly many more than just those!  Do take the time to try new things, and hopefully your mood will soon be amazing!

Barb Webb. Founder and Editor of Rural Mom, is an the author of "Getting Laid" and "Getting Baked". A sustainable living expert nesting in Appalachian Kentucky, when she’s not chasing chickens around the farm or engaging in mock Jedi battles, she’s making tea and writing about country living and artisan culture.
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