Solar Panels and Solar Batteries Why They Work Well Together

Solar panels are becoming a more common feature in modern residential homes. For homeowners in the sunnier parts of the country solar panels offer many advantages as an energy source. With regular solar panel maintenance in Florida, you can keep your home’s solar panels in top condition and working effectively and efficiently. When working with Florida solar companies to install or upgrade your home’s solar power system an important component to have installed is battery storage.

The Advantages of Adding a Battery To Your Home’s Solar System

Respond To Blackouts:

Solar panels help power your home and bring down energy costs, however during a blackout you cannot effectively use your home’s solar power system. By having a solar battery connected to your home’s solar system your power is stored and collected. When a blackout occurs your home can pull on this saved energy keeping the power on for your home’s most important appliances such as your freezer or the lights until the blackout is over, and full electrical operations are restored.

Better Use of Solar Power:

With a battery storage system you ensure that none of the power your solar panels collect is wasted. It is properly stored until you can make use of it. When you combine solar panels with battery storage your home generates and collects clean solar energy during all daylight hours. This helps make your home more energy efficient and can help make your home more energy independent.

Save Money:

The improved energy efficiency a battery provides also has a financial advantage. Being able to store and use solar energy when the sun isn’t out can help bring down your monthly energy costs. Unless a home is totally off the grid even those with solar panels still are connected to and make use of the local power grid. Efficient use of solar power reduces the amount of power you have to pull from the grid. This brings down monthly energy bills.

Increase The Value of Your Home:

Desirable add-ons to a home can greatly increase its value. If you are ever considering selling your home the additions you make can increase the amount of money you make on the sale. Solar panels and batteries are becoming highly desired additions to modern homes. Many people in the housing market value the energy independence and reduced environmental impact a well-equipped solar home can provide. This makes solar batteries an addition that has a good return on investment.

Final Thoughts

The solar industry is an exciting and innovative one with better equipment and technological improvements occurring on a regular basis. Regular upkeep on your solar system from a professional keeps your solar panels working at peak operating conditions. Plus you can make improvements and install add-ons that make your system more effective. A battery is a key component in modern solar homes. If you have panels but no battery you are not taking advantage of all the benefits solar panels can offer you as a homeowner. Adding a solar battery makes your home more energy-independent and protects you from emergencies such as blackouts.

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