What’s in Your DNA? Give the Gift of Family History and Genomes

Have you ever watched “Who Do You Think You Are” or “Finding Your Roots”? I think it would be so much fun to find a surprise in your family history timeline. What would be even better is to dig deeper and learn what genetic traits were passed down.

Why are you more senstive to the taste of cilantro than others? What diseases are you susceptible to? These things are fascinating to find out and and could be potentially life-saving, too.

Thanks to my partnership with Nebula Genomics, I had the chance to gain insights into my DNA along with how it matches up with what we now know about genetic traits.  #NebulaGenomicsDNAReview #ad

The information is eye-opening and all it takes is a simple swab!

Testing with Nebula Genomics

Nebula is the future of private and secure DNA testing. With next-generation sequencing and privacy-preserving technology, they provide more than the typical DNA testing service.

You maintain complete ownership of your data. With Nebula’s subscription service, you’ll also get weekly personalized updates direct from new genomic research and insights. This means as new research related to your unique genome is available, you’ll always have the latest information. Reports include genetic traits, oral microbiome, ancestry as well as weekly updates based on the latest research that include polygenic scores.

Knowledge is power. Learn about your DNA makeup with Nebula Genomics.

How Long Does the Process Take?

Nebula is quite easy to use. You choose the kit you want to order. Receive the kit. Follow the simply instructions to swab your DNA. Send the kit back and viola! A week or so later, you have your results!

Depending on how deep you want to explore, there are three levels of Nebula testing to choose from. There’s also an additional option to continue to subscribe quarterly, yearly or for a lifetime membership. This subscriptions includes weekly reports new DNA reports that are based on the latest scientific discoveries. You get unlimited access to genome exploration tools that empower you to study your genetic blueprints at your own pace. And, you receive premium support from the Nebula Genomics team of genetics experts. They will answer any question that you might have about human genetics, your reports, or the use of our exploration tools.

What Information Can I Expect to Receive?

The Nebula process and reports are different than other DNA tests as they decode 100 percent of your DNA. You can even bring the data you uncover to your physician or genetic counselor for a clinical interpretation.

Nebula testing reports you receive include all sorts of handy information. From discovering your earwax type to your predispostion to having a sweet tooth to what’s in your oral microbiome offers plenty of insights.

Of course, you’ll also learn more about your family history and ancestry. I was surprised by some of my percentages, not so much by others!

In addition, there’s a Nebula library of topics to help you interpret your results and to learn more about predispostions you may have to a range of conditions and attributes.

Give the Gift of Family History and Genomes

With the holiday season around the corner, we’re all looking for the perfect gifts to give. A Nebula Genomics kit is certainly a valuable one that everyone would love to recieve!

Saving during the holiday shopping season is valuable, too. Right now, you can receive $15 off any Nebula Genomics Test Kit with the code AFFILIATE15 through 12/31/22!

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