Getting Your Home Ready for the Winter Months Ahead

As a well known saying goes, winter is coming. We’re making our way into fall and the leaves are changing color and beginning to drop from the trees. The temperature is getting colder and we’re beginning to experience more rain, wind and other adverse weather conditions.

Of course, many of us are looking forward to the festivities and fun of the upcoming season, but you do need to make sure that you’re preparing your home as best possible, too. It’s best to get started now before we face really cold temperatures and much more difficult weather. So, here are some areas of focus that you should look into to ensure your home is comfortable safe haven by the time winter arrives.

Clear Your Gutters

Start out by clearing your gutters. During the autumnal months, leaves and other debris fall from trees and can begin to sit in your gutter. As time goes on, they can completely clog the pipes, blocking water flow and causing your gutters to leak down the side of your home. This can cause foundational damage and a host of other issues.

Make sure that you routinely unclog your gutters now. Trying to do this job once temperatures hit freezing and there’s blocked, frozen water in your pipes will prove to be a much more difficult task.

Getting Your Home Ready for the Winter Months Ahead

Prepare for Snow

If you live in a region where you’re likely to experience snow, it’s important that you prepare for this in advance. You should invest in a grit bin and ensure that it is filled with gritting salt, ready for anticipated snow fall. You can then have easy access and grit your driveways, pathways and other spaces before the snow falls.

Check your snow shovels and make sure they are not in need of repair. Repair or replace them now while it’s easy to find them and get good pricing.

You may also want to take the details of professional snow removal services so that you can have heavy snow removed as and when you need it.

Getting Your Home Ready for the Winter Months Ahead

Check Into Insulation

Insulation is really important during the winter months. It can stop heat from escaping your home, keeping your indoor spaces toasty and warm and preventing excessive energy use. This is particularly important during the energy crisis that many of us are going through right now.

Common areas to look into include double glazing or triple glazing for your windows, wall insulation and loft space insulation. Have a professional survey your home to let you know what you already have in place and where improvements could be made.

Getting Your Home Ready for the Winter Months Ahead

Protect your Garden

If you spend a lot of time maintaining flowerbeds for the spring and summer, you’re going to want to protect these spaces when the frost hits. Invest in plenty of mulch and make sure your flowerbeds are covered. This can prevent water logging and soil damage.

The use of row covers, hoop-houses, and/or cloches may also be used. These techniques keep out harsh winds and establish a greenhouse condition to trap heat flowing out of earth’s crust. Sunshine adds additional heat.

Of course, there are countless areas you could look into when it comes to managing your home and protecting your garden during the winter months. Hopefully, some of the key areas highlighted above will help you on this journey towards a cosy winter home!

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