8 Ways To Give Your Livingroom A New Look

It’s easy to get stuck in a style rut when it comes to our homes. We become so used to seeing the same things day in and day out that we no longer notice how outdated or lackluster our living spaces have become. If you’re in need of a change but don’t want to go through the hassle (or expense) of a complete makeover, consider giving your living room a fresh look with one (or more) of these simple additions.

Roll on new coat of paint

One of the quickest and most impactful ways to breathe new life into your living room is with a fresh coat of paint. If you’re not sure what color to choose, opt for a neutral hue like greige or white. These colors are versatile and will work with any style of furniture or décor.

8 Ways To Give Your Livingroom A New Look

Add throw pillows

Another easy way to change up your living room look is by swapping out the throw pillows on your sofa or chairs. This is a great way to experiment with color and pattern without making a big commitment.

Plus, it’s an inexpensive way to give your space an entirely new feel.

Invest in a rug

Rugs are not only a great way to add comfort and style to your living room, but they can also help define the space and create visual interest.

If you don’t have a rug, now is the perfect time to invest in one. If you already have a rug, consider layering it with a smaller, more intricate design for added interest.

8 Ways To Give Your Livingroom A New Look

Install curtains

Curtains are another element that can completely change the look of your living room. If you don’t have curtains, hang them up! If you do have curtains, consider switching out the fabric or trying a new style (like sheers or blackout curtains).

8 Ways To Give Your Livingroom A New Look

Buy artwork

Artwork is a great way to personalize your living room and make it feel like your own. If you don’t have any artwork, now is the perfect time to start collecting some pieces that you love.

Not sure where to start? Check out local art fairs, thrift stores, or online marketplaces like Etsy.

8 Ways To Give Your Livingroom A New Look

Add some books

Books are a great way to add color and texture to your living room, but they’re also a perfect way to make it feel cozy and inviting.

If you don’t have many books, consider picking up some used ones from a local thrift store or library book sale.

8 Ways To Give Your Livingroom A New Look

Grow a few plants

Plants are a great way to liven up any space, and they can also help purify the air in your home.

If you don’t have a green thumb, opt for low-maintenance plants like succulents or cacti. Or, if you’re really not into plants, try adding some faux greenery for a pop of color.

8 Ways To Give Your Livingroom A New Look

Get a new couch

If you’re looking for a more drastic change, consider investing in a new couch. This is a big investment, but it will totally transform your living room.

If you’re keen on getting a leather couch, remember to get some leather cleaner, too, just to extend the ‘life’ of your couch. Can’t afford a new couch? Consider getting a slipcover for your old ones. It will totally change the look!

There you have it!

With these simple additions, you can give your living room a whole new look without breaking the bank. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today!

Barb Webb. Founder and Editor of Rural Mom, is an the author of "Getting Laid" and "Getting Baked". A sustainable living expert nesting in Appalachian Kentucky, when she’s not chasing chickens around the farm or engaging in mock Jedi battles, she’s making tea and writing about country living and artisan culture.
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