Update Your Curb Appeal Focus To Sell Your Home

Curb appeal is the aesthetic attractiveness of your house as seen from the street. Your home’s curb appeal may also depend on how well-done the brickwork is and how well-kept your front lawn is. In the end, your home’s outside serves as an advertisement for its interior. Try approaching your door the next time from the perspective of a visitor or potential customer. When marketing your house for sale, first impressions can mean a lot.

Upgrade your front door

Buyers will focus on your front door because it is a major focal point. Make certain the impression it makes is the one you want it to. Give it a fresh coat of paint in a traditional front door colour, like navy, olive green, or charcoal grey, if it’s made of wood. For inspiration, browse Pinterest and Instagram. You can use specialised cleaning chemicals to clean plastic or composite doors. Additionally, don’t forget to polish metal door knockers, house numbers, and letterboxes. If they are past their prime, think about replacing them.

Make the border lines appealing 

A buyer’s first concern will be where your property begins and ends. Make the boundaries clear and appealing. Refinish iron, varnish wooden fences and gates, and check that all gates are operational. Cleanly trim any hedges and trim any vegetation adjacent to entrances and walkways.

Ensure there are plenty of plants in the front garden

With a splash of colour and the kind of care that conveys your affection for your home, property exteriors seem much more welcoming. Put potted flowers on your front doorway, add blossoms to the front garden tubs, or think about putting a hanging basket to greet visitors. If you have a lawn, make sure to feed it regularly and maintain the grass short for the finest appearance. Keep trees, bushes, and other plants clean and orderly by sweeping away any fallen leaves. Keep weeds under control while your home is on the market since they are a big no-no.

Wash the windows and make sure they are in good knick

Glass is no different; everything benefits from a good, old-fashioned scrub. Hire a local window cleaner to clean your windows and prevent embedded dirt from detracting from your home’s curb appeal. Give the frames a wash as well, if you can. Additionally, having clean windows enhances the interior’s brightness by increasing light entry. If you are finding that your windows are worn and need replacing then look no further than Renewal by Andersen windows.

Consider using outside lights 

A bright entrance makes you feel secure and warm. To improve the curb appeal of your property, think about installing a pair of matching wall lights on either side of the front entrance. This is crucial if you want to hold viewings after work or throughout the winter months when it’s becoming dark outside. Around the garden, LED lights powered by solar energy can be placed. You won’t need to hire an electrician to complete the task because they don’t even require electrical wiring. Making a good first impression can also be aided by motion-activated lights that turn on as guests approach.

Renovate the exterior walls

Before selling, we have no problem repainting the interior. But sometimes we forget about the outside. A fresh coat of paint on the brickwork or the windows can significantly improve curb appeal. If the current painting is weather-damaged or peeling off, this might be a really nice boost. If your home’s façade is made of plain brick, a jet wash should do the trick. And make sure to address any pointing repairs that may be necessary.

Cover the trash cans 

Wheelie bins and recycle cartons that are unsightly don’t give off the best first impression. Make care to clean them up (and keep an eye out for stinky bins in the summer) and put them somewhere smart and orderly where nobody will notice them. If your wheelie bin is exceptionally filthy, you might request a replacement from the council. Or why not think about hiding them from view by housing them in a dedicated shed? Some front gardens now have gorgeous sedum-roofed bin stores or chic, collectible-accessible fences made of wood.

Update Your Curb Appeal Focus To Sell Your Home

Clean up your street

Although the council may be in charge of the pavement and road outside your property, it makes sense to clean up any trash that is close to your front garden when you’re trying to sell your house. If you’re also doing your front garden, you can decide to sweep the leaves yourself and give the pavement a quick jet wash.

Trim the shrubs

Giving those tall, window-obscuring shrubs and bushes out front a tidy flat-top trim is one of the most common curb appeal killers and simplest solutions. Allowing potential buyers to see the entire front of the property, including the windows and everything, will help sell your home quickly. 

Repaint the home

Even though it’s not exactly a straightforward task, giving your property a fresh coat of paint may make it look, well, brand new! Unless you have some extra cash in your curb appeal budget to pay expert painters! And if you do have the cash, paying with a credit card or a cheque is a simple process.

Include a seasonal wreath 

It’s wonderful to add a tastefully picked wreath to the entrance to make your house feel cosier at any time of year, but especially around the holidays. For the fall, grapevine wreaths are an excellent option, and a wreath composed of pine branches will undoubtedly be popular. For the spring and summer, choose something eucalyptus, olive branches, or lavender-scented.

Examine installing a new fence

Now is the time to replace or fix any rusting chain-link fences or deteriorating wooden fences that enclose your home. It’s okay to leave the chain link fence around the rear, but convert the piece that faces the street to a lovely new white picket fence for maximum oohs and ahhs from potential buyers. 

Think about window boxes 

Putting up some window boxes below your windows is a simple weekend project that will really spruce up the front of your property. You may make them yourself or purchase them. Your curb appeal will instantly increase if you plant some seasonal, bright flowers and other plants there.

Clean your roof 

If your roof is getting on in age, replacing it before selling is ideal but can be an expensive addition. However, if it’s still in good condition and has a few more years left, a thorough cleaning can restore it to new condition by removing tree and algae stains. 

Change hardware 

To give the entranceway a new and sleek appearance, research the most recent hardware design trends before replacing all of your front door hardware. Customers will feel more welcome thanks to the modern appearance and sturdy feel of new door handles, deadbolts, knockers, and even doorbells.

Accentuate any architectural details 

Look for any structural features that you may highlight that might draw the attention of a new homeowner, such as gables or pediments. Older homes in particular may have some striking and eye-catching architectural characteristics that have been obscured by paint or overgrown foliage. 

Set up a container garden

Prospective buyers are constantly drawn to new landscape details, and nothing screams “fertile and fecund” like a variety of container gardens filled with vibrant flowers and in-season fruit. To add more interest, place them out to the side or close to natural areas so they don’t take over the front of the house.

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