Ways To Create a Low-Maintenance Yard

Some people love soaking in the sun as they work in their yard all spring and summer. Other individuals would rather spend time indoors near an air conditioner than out in the heat. That means yard work like pulling weeds or planting a garden would be the last thing they would love to do on a summer day. If you are one of those cold-air loving people, a low-maintenance yard may be the best option for you this year.

Here are some tips on how to create one.

Ways To Create a Low-Maintenance Yard

1. Mulch

Pulling weeds can be a never-ending job in yards with bushes, flowers, or grass. If you would rather spend time enjoying your hobby than removing wild plants, try using mulch. Spreading a thick layer of mulch over the ground inhibits the growth of any wind-blown seed that may fly into your open soil. The thickly spread mulch also reduces the need for water because it prevents evaporation.

2. Turf

Grass can grow at what seems to be a never-ending rate during the summer. Most lawns need to be mowed several times a week. If you are tired of fighting lawn pests, mowing grass, and constantly watering, look into natural looking artificial turf that you can replace your thirsty lawn with. Some turf looks so real that you may not even know it isn’t grass until you touch the blades.

3. Flowers

Even if you don’t like working in the yard, chances are you still love the look for bright flowers around your home. Instead of planting the colorful blossoms in the ground, choose hanging baskets and trench-type trays. This will inhibit weeds and allow you to enjoy the color and scent of your favorite blooms all summer long.

4. Plants

There are many low-maintenance, ground-covering plants you can use to create a beautiful yard. However, you can also choose a minimalist approach to your lawn with a few trees and some potted flowers or bushes that will require very little water or upkeep.

5. Water

Most people have set the water in their yard and forgotten it – often letting it run for many hours. Don’t let your water bill get the best of you, plan a space that doesn’t take hours of watering every week. As noted, containers, ground covering plants, and mulch are great ways to stop early evaporation and allow once-a-week watering.

Make your yard into a sanctuary that will enable you time to relax. Using the five tips above can help you achieve a low-maintenance area you will love.

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