Our New Healthier Homework Point-of-View

In Kentucky, it’s back-to-school time already! I can hardly believe that summer vacation is over and my kids are coming home with stacks of homework each day. For teenagers, this means plenty of computer time to access their homework and complete lesson modules.

After sitting in the classroom all day, though, the last thing they need to do is sit all evening at home. Thanks to my partnership with FlexiSpot we’re changing things up with the FlexiSpot Classic Riser, which allows us to sit or stand while working on the computer – a terrific solution for helping us to improve our health while stilling getting the work done!

Sitting for prolonged periods of time is not healthy for your circulation, muscles, joints and overall well-being. You can find tons of studies on how beneficial it is for us to adjust our habits and stand up more during our work day.

Our New Healthier Homework Point-of-View


My sons are still young, but I think that’s the best time to begin instilling good habits that will help keep them healthier throughout their lifetime. I certainly love the FlexiSpot Classic Riser, too, it’s a great tool for me to have when I have lengthy writing assignments (in fact, thanks to my FlexiSpot Classic Riser, I’m standing while typing this feature article right now!)

The FlexiSpot Classic Riser comes in various sizes to fit all desk work surfaces. With the shape of my office desk, we have the 27″ model which has more-than-ample space for my monitor, keyboard, mouse and even class book and notes needed for school assignments.

Our New Healthier Homework Point-of-View

I personally love the sturdy construction. One of the things I initially worried about what would happen if we leaned on the riser or if my cat jumped on it. I quickly found it holds up very well… as of course, the cat had to explore it immediately!

The FlexiSpot Classic Riser easily transitions so that you can sit and work at your desk and then stand when you chose to. You simply squeeze the hand bar to lower or raise it. The design supports better posture in both the seated and standing positions. With a large surface area, you can keep you monitor at a comfortable reading distance, too, to support your eye health.

As both of my teens are tall, 6’2″ and 6’5″, I was also concerned that the riser might not work for them, but when you place the FlexiSpot Classic Riser on a 31″ desk (or higher) it easily supports people up to 6’5″ tall.

Our New Healthier Homework Point-of-View

We are now a total FlexiSpot family (we use the FlexiSpot Deskcise Pro, too)  and I’m so glad we discovered these innovative tools!!  For me, it’s helped address some of my lower back issues by spending less time sitting each day.  For my sons, it offers them a refreshing new point-of-view for homework time and helps reduce the time they spend sitting each evening.  An overall win-win-win for enhancing our health!

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