This Summer, Get Started with Greenhouse Gardening

Starting a greenhouse has been on my gardening bucket list for several years now and thanks to my partnership with Abba Patio, I’m ready to dig into greenhouse gardening quicker than I ever thought possible!

Two things to ask yourself before starting your greenhouse gardening adventures are:

  • how much will you grow?
  • where will you place your greenhouse?

This Summer, Get Started with Greenhouse Gardening

The first question – how much will you grow? – will help you determine the size of the greenhouse you need.  If you just plan on growing a little bit of lettuce and a few veggies during the cooler months, a small greenhouse will easily suit your needs.  If you are planning to use your greenhouse for cultivating all of your Spring seedlings for your garden, you’ll need a much larger unit to suit your needs.  As I plan to do both, the Abba Patio Mini Walk-In Greenhouse with 6 split shelves and 3 tiers on each side is a terrific solution for me.

This style of Abba Patio Greenhouse also addresses my second question – where will you place your greenhouse? – perfectly as it’s flexible, sturdy design allows me to use it on my deck, in my backyard or even use inside our home or barn if I choose to.  It’s small enough to easily find a spot to place it, yet big enough to handle a lot of seedlings in the Spring when I’m ready to start my garden.

This Summer, Get Started with Greenhouse Gardening

The Abba Patio Mini Walk-In Greenhouse is a freestanding greenhouse, meaning, of course, that it stands alone and is not attached to another building or structure.  There are huge advantages to having a freestanding greenhouse including:

  • the ability to move the greenhouse to more favorable sunlight areas, as needed
  • flexibility to start plants indoors before bringing the greenhouse outside to begin hardening your seedlings
  • maintain your greenhouse close to your home, such as placing on your balcony or patio, which also allows for quick access to water, tools and electricity

Setting up our Abba Patio Greenhouse was quick and simple.  The directions are easy to follow, the pieces sturdy and form-fitted.  It took us about fifteen minutes to fully assemble and I totally love the look!  Looks aren’t of the highest importance when selecting your space for greenhouse gardening, but it’s great to have an attractive set-up that blends in with our current outdoor decor choices, especially as I plan to patio-garden with it in the colder months.

This Summer, Get Started with Greenhouse Gardening

While mid-summer is not the best time to start greenhouse gardening, I’m excited to have our Abba Patio Mini Walk-In Greenhouse ready for late summer planting.  Each season has it’s best crops and plans for greenhouse growing.  This is the patter I’ll be following:

  • Late Summer – lettuce, spinach, carrots, zucchini and beans
  • Fall – lettuce, beans, peas, herbs
  • Winter – depending upon weather, root vegetables, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, lettuce, and onions
  • Spring – starter sets for tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, beans, corn and all my other summer garden favorites

Winter can be a tough time to greenhouse garden without a heater, so I may or may not invest in this addition.  From what I’ve read so far, it’s generally not cost-effect to have a heater and I’d much rather rely on solar power.

This Summer, Get Started with Greenhouse Gardening

One of the great features of the Abba Patio Mini Walk-In Greenhouse is the ability to open the cooling vents and the door area to let more air in or close them completely for more warmth and insulation from the elements.

Want to add a beautiful greenhouse to your backyard?  Our friends at Abba Patio have an awesome offer for you right now, just use coupon code ABBA20 to get 20% off on!

Do you greenhouse garden?  What’s your favorite crop to grow?


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