Easy Edible Plants to Grow This Spring, No Green Thumb Required!

Spring is in full splendor here and if you’ve been hesitating to start a garden, it’s time to sow your nourishing seeds! Whether you are new to gardening, pressed for time, or think your thumb is a little less than green, there are edible plants to grow that nature designed to make you instantly feel like a pro.

Easy Edible Plants to Grow This Spring, No Green Thumb Required!

Sugar Snap Peas – This sweet, crunchy treat with a high tolerance for frost is hard to resist eating straight from the vine.

Spinach – Rich in calcium, fiber and an impressive list of vitamins and minerals, spinach deserves its reputation as a superfood. It’s also a super garden grower that thrives in cool weather, rapidly producing large yields. Lettuce, kale, mustard greens and cabbage are also easy-to-care for spring crops.

Nasturtium – A hardy annual with edible flowers and leaves, nasturtium will brighten your landscape and your salad! Other low-maintenance floral edibles include Dahlia, Pansy, and Calendula.

Cilantro – An often over-looked garden herb, cilantro’s versatility, cool weather tolerance and quick cycle boost it to the top of the spring planting calendar. Basil, thyme, parsley, chives and rosemary are also ideal picks.

Zucchini – The trick with this vigorous plant is to be careful how many seeds you sow. Zucchini is such a prolific grower, one to two plants will produce an abundance.

Radishes – If you are seeking speed of growth and virtually no-maintenance, radishes produce in 3 to 4 weeks. Use mulch to help protect from frost and keep weeds at bay.

Easy Edible Plants to Grow This Spring, No Green Thumb Required!

Have limited gardening space? All of the plants to grow above are container garden-friendly.  You can grow them indoors or on your porch or balcony, just be sure they have adequate light.

Want to perk up your indoor plant fun? Try growing a coffee plant! They are easily domesticated and if allowed to pollinate, will produce aromatic flowers and coffee beans suitable for roasting.

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