How Much Do You Know About the SAT?

Did you know that 2 out of 3 students improve their SAT scores when they retake the test?  Me neither!  Thanks to my partnership with the College Board, I have the inside scoop on all things SAT to share with you today.

With just a few short weeks left to register for the SAT in March (deadline is February 9!) it’s important to not only help your teen study for the SAT, but to ensure you understand the new updates and to dispel any myths you may have about the SAT.

How Much Do You Know About the SAT?

The first and most important decision is to register for the SAT.  Some families think a student only needs to take the SAT if they want to go to college on the East Coast.  This simply isn’t true.  The SAT is accepted by all US colleges and universities. They do not have a preference of which admissions test the applicant sends.

We’ve chosen to enroll our oldest son, who will soon be college bound, for the March 2018 SAT test as we trust it will be vital to his college application and scholarship efforts.

While the SAT is the same test, with the same level of difficulty throughout the year no matter what time you take it, having him take the test early will allow for a re-take, if necessary.   It’s actually recommended that students take the test twice, once in the spring of their junior year and once in August or the fall of the senior year.  According to the College Board, students who test again improve their score 67 percent of the time.

There are plenty of myths that have been dispelled for our family just by visiting the SAT registration page and additional information that’s been very helpful in understanding the ins and outs of the test including:

  • The new SAT gives students more time per question to answer than the ACT.
  • There’s no penalty for wrong answers, so it’s better for students to go with their best guess on a question.
  • There is no science section like there is on the ACT.
  • The confusing SAT vocab words are now gone.

Best of all – there’s FREE SAT Prep for all students with Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy!  This a total game changer, leveling the playing field to no longer penalize students who do not have access to expense test prep tutors or courses.  An invaluable resource that will give your student the edge they need to succeed in preparing for the SAT.

With Official SAT Practice, your child can create a personalized study plan to help them focus on the areas where they need the most work. There are practice questions, video lessons, quizzes, and more. The SAT practice tests will help them get an idea of what to expect on test day.  If the student chooses to practice with these resources, they will have an advantage of feeling prepared on test day because they’ve been practicing with official practice resources!

Don’t let this opportunity pass you and your college-bound teen by.  Be sure to register by the February 9 deadline and sign your teen up for the free SAT prep today!


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