25 Lovely Mother’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids

25 Lovely Mother's Day Craft Ideas for Kids

25 Lovely Mother's Day Craft Ideas for KidsEvery year around Mother’s Day, I hear the same question from my husband, “what on earth do you want for Mother’s Day?”  Whether I drop hints or not, he’s still generally clueless when it comes time to take the kids shopping for a little something.  Well, let’s face it. Most fathers aren’t as good at buying Mother’s Day gifts as mothers are at buying Father’s Day gifts.  I think it’s just one of those general truths about human nature we buy into – women tend to be much better at shopping.

Luckily for fathers, though, most mothers like me would much rather have something handmade from their littlest loves than something from the store anyway. With this in mind, I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite Mother’s Day craft ideas for kids. Take a look, try a few out, and share a few with your significant other if he asks what you’d like for Mother’s Day.  They are also great to have the kids make and surprise Grandma this year with something special and from the heart!
1. Mommy Survey for Kids
2. How to Make a Mother’s Day Card with Celery
3. May Day Boot
4. Mother’s Day Handprint Canvas
5. Mother’s Day Gift With Dove Chocolate
6. Earth Day Craft or Mother’s Day Noodle Frame
7. Paper Mache Bowls
8. Sweet Mother’s Day Handprint Poem
9. Flower Arranging Kid’s Activity
10. Plastic Fork Tulips
11. Easy Spring Flower Craft for Kids
12. Fingerprint Flowers Craft
13. Melted Crayon Rocks
14. Flower Clay Jewelry Holder
15. Poured Paint Pots
16. DIY Personalized Gift From a Thrifted Bowl
17. Noodle Frame
18. Windsock Craft
19. Spring Flowers Handprint Craft
20. Coffee Filter Flowers
21. DIY Duck Tape Spring Vase
22. Homemade Bird Feeder
23. Huggy Mother’s Day Card
24. Homemade Mother’s Day Mugs
25. Tissue Paper Cherry Blossom Card

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    • Rose M.
    • April 23, 2015

    Great guide, this is so helpful!

    • Shaina Braun
    • April 24, 2015

    Ah!! These ideas are absolutely adorable and so creative!! Thanks so much for this guide it is awesome!

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